Spring is here and now is the perfect time to start planning picnics, brunches and lunches with family and friends. And fresh, nourishing homemade sandwiches are a simple, yet tasty addition to any of these gatherings. Here are four sammies your loved ones will thank you for.

1. Savory Breakfast Sandwich with QSB White Bean & Millet Seed Sliced Loaf

Enjoy the best ever breakfast sandwich by layering whipped herb cream cheese, over easy egg, sliced sausage or bacon, tomato and lettuce between two slices of lightly toasted QSB white bean & millet seed sliced loaf. This soft, chewy and mild flavoured loaf is loaded with nutrients, crunch and texture, and it pairs extremely well with eggs done any way you like them and cheese of virtually any variety.

2. Luscious Lox and Cream Cheese Sandwich with QSB Romano Bean Sliced Loaf

Try this mouthwatering lox and cream cheese sandwich by layering whipped cream cheese with chives, sliced smoked salmon, mashed avocado, sliced red onion and capers on QSB’s Romano Bean sliced loaf as part of a nourishing lunch or brunch. The savory taste of this loaf is similar to a sourdough. The crust provides a nice light crunch and the filling of this earthy loaf has a lovely chewy texture. Lightly toasted or not, this sandwich will please with every bite!

3. Hazelnut Butter and Honey Sweet Tooth Sandwich with QSB White Bean & Grape Skin Loaf

For a spin on the same old PB&J, spread a layer of rich, pure hazelnut butter and a layer of honey on two slices of QSB’s mildly sweet and fruity scented white bean and grape skin sliced loaf. Optional: add some sliced banana. Grill your sandwich a little on a grill or use a toaster oven to get the hazelnut butter all warm and melty! Another option for this sandwich—use two slices to make French toast first. Then spread on a layer the hazelnut butter and honey for a more decadent sammie.

4. Grilled Brie Sandwich with QSB Cinnamon Raisin Loaf

QSB’s mildly sweet cinnamon raisin loaf pairs so well with any and all kinds of ooey gooey cheese for a naturally sweet and savory combo. This loaf is made with Turkish sultana raisins, cinnamon, sunflower seeds and a touch of (more) pure honey, making it moist and giving it just the right chewy texture. Make your glorious melted grilled cheese sandwich with a layer of sliced brie, a layer of sliced pear, some thinly sliced shallots and a handful of arugula between two slices of this wonderful loaf.

About the Author: Living with celiac disease, Lisa Cantkier is a writer and educator focused on nutrition and health.