Our Burger Pop Up – A note from our President, Tony Ayala

 This has been a crazy year. Somehow, even crazier than the last.

With the easing of restrictions on the horizon and renewed hope for our economy to start shaking off its drowsiness, we can’t forget that there still is work to be done to support our friends and family within the community. Food Insecurity has grown exponentially in Canada during the lockdowns. More people have had to start worrying about issues they never had to before, like how they are going to pay for their grocery bill or what resources can they access for help.

It surprises me that when I talk about food, people think I’m talking about a city other than our own. Toronto is world-class city, but many are hustling to avoid hurting. Not knowing where your next meal is coming from is affecting 1 in 5 families in Toronto. That’s over 500,000 people. That’s a crazy amount of people in our backyard that need food to be more accessible.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our second pop-up from Queen St. Bakery; and this time it’s burgers. But instead of buying your own burger, we want you to “pay it forward” by buying a burger for one of the 500,000 Torontonians that are food insecure. As thanks, QSB will be giving out free hamburgers to anyone who donates and pays it forward.

The premise is simple, every $2 donation will feed one hungry Torontonian experiencing food insecurity and get yourself a free feel-good burger. We’ll be partnering with Executive chef Jagger Gordon and his amazing organization, Feed It Forward, who will be delivering donations to those in need.

We’re popping up from Friday June 11th until Sunday June 13th, at 563 Queen St. West. Skip the queue by donating through the Resurva app and pick your time slot to come and grab your burger from 12:00PM until 3:00PM and 4:00PM until 7:00PM.

This pop-up, just like our last is only possible thanks to our good friends and great partners. Daisy LoungeSap Sucker and Castello Cheese are all chipping in to make this a killer event. 

Last time we were able to donate 1,000 loaves of bread to food banks across Toronto, let’s see if we can beat that.

President, Queen St. Bakery