No, you can cancel your subscription at anytime.

In order to cancel your subscription, you will first need to log in to your account. Click the Subscriptions tab, then next to each of the products you are subscribed to is a Cancel button. You would use this if you would like to no longer receive this subscription product.

Once logged in, click on Delivery Schedule on the left to see all upcoming deliveries for your subscriptions. To skip a delivery you can click Skip to the right of each one.

In the Billing Information tab you’ll find the current method of payment along with the current billing address. However, this is not the same as the shipping address. You would edit the address in this section if something has changed for the card holder’s place of residence or the email address on file.

Once logged in, click on Subscriptions and click Edit to the right of the address. This only affects the shipping/delivery address, this does not update billing information related to the method of payment.

Yes! Once logged in, select the Subscriptions tab, then click Add Product. This will open a pop-up where you can search, view, and select additional products to add to your upcoming deliveries. You may also choose the frequency and first shipment date. You can also select Swap and select the replacement product.


It’s the only way we know how to bake. All our products are gluten free as well as dairy, nut, soy and sesame free.

We proudly use absolutely nothing artificial in our products, which means our breads, buns and doughs need to be eaten fast if kept fresh! 4 days in the fridge is fine, but if you need longer pop it in the freezer. We recommend pulling some out whenever you need it. You can see the frozen best before date on the neck tag of the packaging.

Simple, ingredients. Think about going to bulk barn and buying a lb of chia seeds and a lb of rice. The price difference is going to be huge. The same goes for our bread. You get what you pay for, but at least with Queen St. Bakery you know you’re putting food into your body that’s as good for you as it is tasty.

Our bread is made in our own entirely gluten-free facility. Many of our customers and even staff are celiac so we can guarantee there is no risk of cross contamination.

All our products are free from gluten, dairy, sesame, soy, tree nuts and peanuts. If you are looking for egg free, check out our chia classic loaf and chia classic pizza dough.

Our chia classic bread and pizza dough are vegan yes! Our other breads use organic Canadian eggs and honey for a touch of sweetness. All our products are dairy free as well as gluten free.

Because our main ingredient, chia, is natural low carb, we get lots of customers who follow a low carb diet. Our chia classic is 6 net carbs per slice and our chia charcoal is 7g net of net carbs. That being said, we’re not a keto brand and don’t pretend to be, so please read the labels and taste for yourself!

We don’t add unnecessary sugar in our bread because it doesn’t belong there. Our chia classic has 0g of sugar, while the rest have 1g from organic honey. Even though this sounds like the all clear, we’re not doctors, so please judge for yourself.

None of our products contain nuts or tree nuts, so we are absolutely safe to ship off to school with the little ones.

All our products are 100% non-gmo certified!

We source all ingredients possible from Canada and North America. Some of our key ingredients like chia, can’t grow here, so we partner with select producers in Mexico.

Yes, all our packaging is 100% recyclable and we operate on a zero waste model. All additional bread that doesn’t go to our stores is donated to a charity or food bank in need.

All our breads toast amazingly well, in fact that’s when they’re best. Pull a slice out of the freezer when you need it and pop it straight in the toaster or on the griddle.


You can find us in stores across the country. To find the closest one to you, check out our store finder.

Bread should last for days, not weeks. That’s why you’ll normally find us in the frozen health food section. There are some exceptions though, so if you can’t find us there, check the gluten free aisle. To find your closest store, click here.

You bet! Send an email to inquiries@queenstreetbakery.com and we can mail you coupons to use in store. We do have online specials from time to time, which you can get by subscribing to our email at the bottom of this page.


Bread is fragile, especially if you don’t pump it full of unnecessary fillers and preservatives. That’s why we only send bread the same day it’s made to areas we know it can arrive safe and sound. That’s why we are currently shipping bread to Ontario and Quebec. But don’t sweat, we ship our flour products anywhere in Canada!

We ship our bread out once a week on Tuesday and Wednesdays via express shipping. We can guarantee it will arrive within two days of leaving our ovens. If you ordered our flour, it can take up to 5 days to arrive with ground shipping.

You’ll get a shipping confirmation with a tracking numbers as soon as your order ships.

We aren’t able to ship out single loaves of bread, but good news, you can grab one at over 1,000 stores across Canada. Find the closest one to you here