Loaves to love.

The best thing since sliced bread? This sliced bread. Using only a few carefully chosen ingredients (that anyone can pronounce), we bake gourmet loaves with old-world feel and flavour that just happen to be free from gluten, allergens and preservatives. 

Buns with benefits.

Our gluten-free buns make no compromises when it comes to taste and texture, and boast the strength to support the juiciest toppings and messiest spreads. Because whatever our allergies, sensitivities or preferences may be, nobody should feel left out at the cookout.

Bite-size bunlets.

Chia means strong. And that’s what these little guys are all about. Introducing Chia Bunlets, the portable, munchable, dippable snack with strength. 

Delightfully dark dough.

Knead something new for pizza night? Our gluten-free pizza dough is as fun to bake as it is to eat (that is: very). Don’t let the colour fool you, they pack in all the flavour of classic doughs you know.