Bread you'll feel good about eating.

High fibre & protein / Made from Superfoods / Naturally Gluten Free

Bean and chia breads on counter
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Bread with benefits.

Breads, buns and pizza dough supercharged with the benefits of superfoods. With more plant-based fibre and protein than whole wheat bread, you can feel good eating bread again. No bloating, no gluten and only natural ingredients.

How Queen Street Bakery compares.

Queen St Bakery Comparison

Baking therapy, sorted.

Just replace regular flour 1-for-1 in any baking recipe and you’ll have a gluten free version that’s just as tasting and better for your gut. Grandma’s famous biscuits? Check. That fancy cookbook you’ve turned into a coffee table book? Time to get some baking therapy.
1-for-1 Gluten Free Flour
All natural ingredients used in our bread
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Our promise

At Queen St. Bakery we take it right down to the basics and back to the beginning. We only use ingredients that are naturally full of the stuff that your body needs and naturally free from the stuff that it doesn’t.