Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Queen St. Bakery products certified Gluten-Free?

Yes. Our products are made in a certified Gluten-Free facility. You can learn more on our Certifications page.

Are all Queen St. Bakery products certified Vegan?

Yes. Our products are made in a Vegan-certified facility. You can learn more on our Certifications page.

Are all Queen St. Bakery products Certified Non-GMO?

Yes. Our products are made with certified Non-GMO ingredients. You can learn more on our Certifications page.

Are Queen St. Bakery products available in retail stores?

Yes. Queen St. Bakery products are available in your local grocery store in the freezer section beside other GF certified bread. You may find the closest location to you on our store finder page.

Why do you call them superfood bagels?

At Queen Street Bakery, we proudly use high quality Superfood ingredients to provide serious nutrition benefits. Each QSB product is packed with fibre, protein, and omega-3s, thanks to our Superfood ingredients like chia seed, flax seed, sorghum flour, millet flour, and more.

Why do you call your products “Bread With Benefits”?

Thanks to our Superfood Ingredients, our breads are high in fibre, protein, and Omega-3s, which give you some serious nutrition benefits. Fibre helps build a happy gut microbiome, helps manage blood sugars, and helps you stay fuller for longer. Protein helps build bone and muscle mass, and keeps hunger at bay. Omega-3, fibre, and protein all help lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and risk of heart disease.

Do your bagels have sesame seeds?

No, all QSBs products are free from common food allergens including gluten/wheat, dairy, peanuts/tree nuts, sesame, soy, fish/shellfish, and are school safe.

What type of flour do you use?

Most gluten-free breads use a mix of starches and flours that don’t provide a whole lot of nutrition. We use a unique blend of flour in our products to give it that chewy and soft texture you love, while keeping them allergen-free & nutritious! Our flours include arrowroot, cultured rice, fava bean, gluten-free oat, millet, sorghum, and white bean flour.

Are your breads IBS friendly?

Yes, many of the flours and starch we use in our bagels are IBS-friendly: millet, arrowroot, psyllium, sorghum, potato, rice and tapioca. Our bagels are sweetened with a touch of pure maple syrup, which is easier on the gut than other sweeteners. Our IBS-friendly products include our Chia & Flaxseed Superfood Bagels and Cinnamon Raisin Superfood Bagels.

What makes Queen Street Bakery different from other breads?

The size, texture, and ingredients list are what make us different. Our bagels are 2x the size of other gluten-free bagels, and taste better too! Instead of using modified starches, we use all natural ingredients that provide real health benefits, because we believe that bagels can be good for you.

What do you use to sweeten your breads?

We use a touch of all natural sweeteners like pure maple syrup and agave syrup when we need to, but all of our breads, buns, and bagels are low in added sugars.