Our Story

In 2018, Gio had enough of watching his mom and wife struggle to find a decent gluten-free bread to eat. He’d spent years watching them settle for bland bread filled with gums, fillers, and cheap ingredients resulting in a loaf that was even less nutritious than standard breads. 

The humble loaf of bread was once considered a health food but had now devolved into an overly-processed convenience food that leaves you feeling bloated and tired. Gio knew it was time to do something about it.

His mission? Whip up a loaf that everyone can enjoy and feel good about eating. To start from scratch to create a new outlook on what bread can be. So, he ditched all the fake stuff, went back to basics, and loaded each loaf with real, good-for-you ingredients that everyone can enjoy, regardless of allergies and food restrictions. 

Once he had created a bread he was proud of, Gio brought on his best friend Tony to bring this life-changing bread to the market, so everyone could get their hands on his bread with benefits. Queen Street Bakery was born, and named for its comfort and familiarity, as nearly every Canadian town has a Queen Street to visit.

To this day, Gio and his family taste-test everything first, to make sure it hits the mark in both flavour and nutrition. Because we bake for all, and because everyone deserves the joy of great bread.

We Believe that Everyone Deserves Great Bread.

So we bake delicious bread made from incredible ingredients to leave you feeling your best. Regardless of allergies, intolerances, health concerns, or dietary preferences, we bake for all, because everyone deserves great bread.

Our Superfoods.

Chia Seeds

3X the iron of spinach
5X the calcium of milk
8X the Omega-3s of salmon

Flax Seeds

✓ High in fibre & plant protein
2X the calcium of milk 
5X the Omega-3s of salmonn

Millet Seeds

✓ Rich in antioxidants
✓ High in magnesium & fibre
✓ Great for cardiovascular health


✓ More antioxidants than blueberries
✓ High in iron
✓ Helps lower cholesterol

White Beans

✓ Magnesium & Phosphorus for bone building
2X the plant protein of quinoa
9X the fibre of wheat flour

Fava Beans

✓ High in fibre
✓ Good source of plant protein
✓ Rich in vitamins & minerals